What To Do When Your Ex Has Just Broken Up With You

What To Do When Your Ex Has Just Broken Up With You

It is human nature for you to panic when your ex has just broken up with you. Actually, you will feel a range of emotions-from panic to anger, to hurt, and everything in between.

So what can you do when you have just experienced a break up, but you are sure that you want to get back with your ex? whatever you do,don't waste time trying to get revenge on your ex,you will only end up hurting yourself. But if you really want your ex back, and feel that it was your behavior, or something you did, that caused the break up, there a couple of things you can do.

The first one is to let your ex know how you feel. Write a letter, apologizing for any bad behavior and reminding your ex of the good times you shared together. Don't be afraid to tell your ex how much they mean to you and how much you miss them.

Assuming you get a positive response to your letter, agree to meet your ex but do so in a public place. This will help prevent your discussions turning into a huge argument. You will need to be prepared to tell your ex exactly how you feel. Don't hide your feelings. If you are angry tell them why but try not to turn the meeting into a blame fest.

This will not help you in convincing them that you two are good together. Keep the conversation to facts and also use the word I and not you. For example you should say "I feel let down" rather than "you let me down". This is a lot less confrontational and less likely to cause offence or lead to another argument.

Allow your ex to criticise you as well. It is best if this is done in a constructive way. We all have our faults and some of your less attractive character traits may be, in part, to blame for why they broke up with you.

It is very important that you listen to what your ex says. Don't assume you know what they are trying to say. Encourage them to say what is on their mind as this is the opportunity for both of you to work through any issues in your relationship and come out of this a stronger couple. Your ex may have made the decision to break up, but your behaviour probably contributed to their decision.

Do not play games and don't feel that you have to hold something back in order to make your ex come back to you. This will only cause feelings of resentment which may lead to you splitting up again. Don't look at a breakup as a negative. All couples go through good and bad patches. It is a common event in many adult relationships.

Follow these tips and one day, as a happy couple again, you may actually be thankful for the day you found out that your ex has just broken up with you.

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