How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back With 4 Easy Steps

4 Easy Steps-How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

How long did it take for you to realize you wanted your ex girlfriend back? For some guys, they figure it out minutes after the break up occurs. For other guys, it may take awhile. Sometimes, guys don't figure out they need to plan how to get their ex girlfriend back until they are dating someone else. They soon realize that something is missing in their new relationship.

Regardless of how long it took to realize that you want your ex girlfriend back, here you are looking for advice and a plan. Luckily, the steps are the same no matter when you came to this conclusion. But before you can go about formulating your specific plan, there are 4 steps you must take to prepare yourself.

1. Keep yourself fit and trim. When you are depressed or stressed, it is real easy to eat the wrong foods, stop exercising, and to drink too much alcohol. Don't do it. Stay with your exercise program and diet,and continue to exercise. If anything, you may want to exercise more, it will keep your head clear and your mind sharp. The bottom line is: it is easier than you think to pack on the pounds during a period of depression, so watch what you eat and exercise.

2. Go out on the town and have some fun. This may be the last thing you want to do, but do it anyway. You are not actually in a relationship, so you are technically a free agent. Just don't hurt another girl because you are trying to make your ex girlfriend jealous. Explain to anyone you might meet that you are just out to have some fun.

3. Take some time to reflect on your relationship with your ex. Think about what worked, and what didn't work. It's time to be honest with yourself about the circumstances of your break up and who played a bigger role in it. If you made some serious mistakes that caused the decline of your relationship with your ex, then now is the time to plan how you are going to change and what you are going to say when you talk to your ex again.

4. When you're feeling emotionally secure and you've thought through the relationship and have a healthy perspective, make contact with your ex and talk to her. This isn't the time to put pressure on her, it's about contact only to see where she is at, what she is feeling, and if she is approachable and open to reconciliation. If you don't feel that she is, then retreat so may come back to try it another time.

If you follow these steps as outlined, you will have a good shot at getting your ex back, if she is open to the possibility too.

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