How To Keep A Woman Happy

How To Keep Your Woman Happy

One of the age old questions and biggest mysteries in life is "how to keep your woman happy". Actually, it really isn't a mystery at all, but men tend to make it into one. How to keep a woman happy is actually quite easy, all you have to do is learn to do the little things, and get yourself in tune with your woman's needs.

Everyone is different, so the first thing you are going to have to do is figure out what your girlfriend/wife/lover likes and doesn't like. A little research is the key to finding out how to keep a woman happy.

A Woman sometimes just needs to talk. Men are programmed to find solutions to every problem but sometimes we just want you to listen to us. We don't want you to look after us or solve every issue we raise but just to listen.

Yes I know she can spend two hours on the phone to a friend that she is meeting that afternoon anyway. This goes back to the days of cavemen. While the men were out hunting, the women were at home where their ability to bond with others was directly proportionate to their chances of survival. They depended on the other women to look after them and their families should they fall sick. Childbirth in those days often resulted in a death sentence for these women.

Women like to go to the toilets in twos and threes. It is just a girl thing and the sooner you come to accept it the better. Don't get paranoid, we are not going to discuss you in detail - that will happen tomorrow.

Buy your woman flowers. But rather than buying her a bunch of roses, send her one of her favorite flowers every so often. This way she will know that you are thinking of her rather than just making a grand gesture.

Little things mean a lot to most women. So regardless of the fact that you are working 60 plus hours per week, always find time to phone her at least twice a day. Call her to say that you miss her and then call her back later on to tell her what time you expect to be home. Remember, little things are the key to how to keep a woman happy.

Say thank you when she does something ordinary. Everyone including women like to be appreciated so if you come home and it is obvious she has cleaned the bathroom, notice it, thank her for it, and make an effort to keep it clean. That means helping your towel to find its way off the bathroom floor.

If your woman has had a hard day at the office, run her a hot bath and hand her a glass of chilled wine whilst you put the kids to bed and prepare dinner.

Surprise her with a note under her pillow telling her how much you love her or appreciate her. Ok she will probably assume you have done something wrong and wonder if you are feeling guilty but underneath she will be pleased.

How to keep a woman happy involves doing the little things in life just that little bit more.

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