I Dumped My Girlfriend And Now I Want Her Back-How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

If you have dumped your girlfriend recently and now you want her back, you are going to have to move quickly and do so without making the classic mistakes that most guys make when they are trying to get back their ex girlfriend. A vast majority of guys who want to get their ex girlfriend back will find themselves doing anything to get her attention, from showering her with gifts, to a deluge of phone calls or text messages. Unfortunately, these tactics will usually not work, and could produce the exact opposite result. They are old hat, and your ex girlfriend is looking for something a little more innovative, and honest, from you.

More than likely you have wounded your ex girlfriend's feelings and her pride, so you can expect her to look for a little revenge. This is just human nature, and depending on your level of commitment, you will have to put up with whatever your ex girlfriend throws at you if you want to get her back.

You are probably going to have to explain to her why you dumped her, and you can expect that she is going to be looking for an apology. If you are smart, you will need to think all this through, before you meet with her, and try to get a handle on your own feelings and what caused you to break up with her.

In many cases, guys panic when they feel that the relationship is getting to involved and they might think their girlfriend is looking for a commitment. The only way for some men to deal with this panic is to dump their girlfriend, only to realize days or weeks later that she was the best thing that ever happened to him and that he wants her back. Commitment isn't so bad, after all!

Regardless of the whether or not you dumped your ex because of your "flight" instinct, you are going to have to explain to her why you dumped her and give her a valid reason. You are also going to have to apologize. Keep in mind though, don't allow yourself to become her punching bag or an avenue for her to take all her frustrations out. You can explain, apologize, and be understanding without allowing yourself to become a doormat.

There is a good chance that your ex girlfriend still has feelings for you, and you obviously have feelings for her, so you will more than likely be able to work things out and get back with your ex girlfriend. Just make sure that you want to get your ex back because you want to be with her, not because you feel bad that you dumped her.

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